New formats for Shadow Woman


Shadow Woman: The Real Creator of Sherlock Holmes, is now available on Barnes & Noble in Nook format, and on Amazon in Kindle format. Pricing is $5.99 US for the digital edition. Buy two, they’re small!

This is the non-fiction back-up to all the fanciful fictionalization in Brimstone and the upcoming Louise Conan Doyle Mysteries. You’ll learn everything you need to know about Louise, and about ACD being a big fat liar!

No, really. He was.

Fabulous review, with a star!

Read it here at Pacific Book Review. We even got a star!

An excerpt: “Allen has created a provocative mystery laced with secrets, scandal, and even bits of humor. With memorable characters and an eye for detail (including a well-placed nod to a familiar magnifying glass), this series debut showcasing a viable alternative to the original Doyle/Sherlock Holmes contention, should appeal to any classic mystery lover, and especially those who can appreciate a smart and savvy woman, ahead of her time.”

Brimstone Now Available in Kindle

That was fast. Lynn uploaded  Brimstone to Amazon’s Kindle processor just this morning, and already the Kindle version is appearing on Amazon, with a cover, and with the ability to peek inside.

Though the interior layout of the Kindle version is not as beautifully done as the interior layout of the print version, it looks really good. We again thank and congratulate redbat design for her exterior and interior layout and design of our book.

We also thank Dean Williams for his astounding cover art, both for Shadow Woman and Brimstone. He has already completed the cover art for Gambit, which will be Book 2 in the Louise Conan Doyle Mystery Series, and he is now working on the cover art for Ember, which will be Book 3. We hope to have each of those books up by the end of the year.

Dean paints the old fashion way, with a real brush, and a real palette. Yet somehow he can draw individual hairs, translucent lace, and curling smoke. I hope to soon put up a photo gallery of his Dean’s amazing art. For now, I’ll simply show the one painting that first caught my attention and prompted us to contact him.

That’s a painting, not a photograph.

So it’s a great day for us here at the Louise Conan Doyle Cyclopedia. Thank you for dropping by.

Brimstone Now Available in Print

Brimstone, the first book in the Louise Conan Doyle Mystery Series is now available in print format.

You will find, at least as of today, 22 May 2008, that Amazon is not yet displaying the cover image. Many self-published authors have long been complaining about how Amazon is treating self-published authors who use Lightning Source for their on-demand printing. Many claim that Amazon is trying to force the self-publishers into using Amazon’s CreateSpace as their on-demand printer.

I share their concern. Shadow Woman is mysteriously no longer available for same day printing, and it is priced way higher than we asked for. That pricing and lack of ready availability is brutal with respect to sales, and does put considerable pressure on us to use CreateSpace.

For now, we are sticking with Lightning Source, partially for good reasons and partially out of spite.

We have long expected that we would make earn from Kindle sales than from print sales. That too may be a motivation for Amazon to undermine print books. They can automate the entire sale and delivery process of a digital book far better than they can with a print book. They can also save on the postage.

So the print book is available, and we would be thrilled if you choose to purchase it, even without seeing the cover, or being able to peek inside. Or you can wait just a bit for the Kindle version.

Either way, we welcome you as one of the very first readers of the Louise Conan Doyle Mystery Series.

Stylometric Analysis of the Sherlock Holmes Canon

I have put together a technical paper regarding my stylometric method for author identification. I provided a summary of results from that method in Shadow Woman. In the technical paper, I get into the gory details of the method and I provide an example calculation, thus providing all the information necessary to anyone who wishes to recreate my work and challenge my results.

Also included in the paper are two separate accuracy analyses, each indicating an author prediction accuracy of 97% or greater.

Also included in the paper a twelve appendices, the last of which provides the calculated author for each of the Sherlock Holmes adventures. I’ll prove a quick summary for those not wanting to read the entire paper, or even scan to the bottom for the final appendix.

Here we go.

Louise and Arthur co-wrote the Sherlock Holmes portion of the first Sherlock Holmes Adventure, A Study in Scarlet. Arthur wrote the Utah narrative of that novel.

Louise wrote each of every other early Holmes adventure, up to and including The Hound of the Baskervilles.

Louise wrote two of the intermediate stories, those collected in The Return of Sherlock Holmes. Arthur wrote two of those intermediate stories.

Jean wrote the remainder of the Sherlock Holmes adventures.

Navigate to the Authorship page of this website for a link to the paper, or simply click here: Stylometric Analysis of the Sherlock Holmes Canon.